New Year, More Ease

Another holiday season has come and gone which means – another profitable year for your business is in the books. Go on and clap for yourself, you strategized, planned and worked hard for those results! With the new year brings new goals whether personal or professional. It’s the time when women around the world decide they need more harmony in their life and start anew with fresh perspectives for achieving everything they dreamed of.

The time when current business owners refine their business goals and set out on the path to achieving more ease than the year before. It’s also the time when new businesses sprout up from women, like yourself, who have promised themselves ‘this year will be different’ and ‘this is the year I get more freedom’!

Starting fresh can be a little scary. I remember starting the business ownership journey a few years ago – whew! I had over two decades of experience with a billion-dollar company, yet it was still a little unnerving embarking on this journey.

Here are some simple ways to ‘start fresh’ as you begin your new year (or any time for that matter).

3 Simple Ways to Create More Ease in Your Business
Harmony comes through planning

Understanding how you want your business to grow and how you want to design your life requires knowing the activities, you’ll need to make it happen. It also requires you to know when you need these activities to happen and in what order.

Let’s think about your next program launch. To get ready for sharing your expertise with the world, there’s a few things to accomplish. You need to plan the advertising, develop the marketing content, and design the program. But you’ll also want to determine when you want this to be available to your audience so you can layout your deadlines. Even further, what if some of your more time-consuming tasks conflict with a major personal event? How do you juggle launching with your child’s softball tournament or spouse’s milestone birthday?

This is where planning helps you create harmony through showing you everything you need to get done, where there may be conflicts, and where you’ll need to adjust things. Harmony comes through planning.

Freedom accelerates with systems

Systems are the steps you do on a regular basis to accomplish your business goals. It’s through the integration, automation, and effectiveness of these systems that you reduce time spent in your operations. You can now spend more time out in front of prospects. Better yet, spending more time doing the things you love in your personal life.

In your personal life, you have systems for doing laundry, grocery shopping, managing the evening after you get off work, and so on. It’s what enables you to get those things done without them taking days and so you don’t miss steps. It’s the same thing in your business. You need to set up methodical ways for getting things done so nothing is forgotten or missed. Freedom is accelerated with systems.

Ease comes from knowing

Complexity in our life enters when we are not sure where we are or where we are going. And if we do know, we are not exactly sure of how we will get to that destination or goal.

Because of this uncertainty we start and restart. We create and recreate. We set goals then change them – causing more churn and uncertainty – which creates overwhelm.

When you know your targets and goals you start to feel more comfortable. It’s easier and quicker to get your holiday shopping completed when you know who you are shopping for. It’s easier to not spend more on a new vehicle when you know your budget. Same with your business. Adding a new team member gets simpler when you know the skills you need and how that will positively impact sales. Knowing creates more ease.

Gaining harmony and freedom through your business can be easy. It just takes some thoughtfulness from you as the business owner. If you’re looking for a strategic partner to be your right hand person for developing plans that achieve your vision and creating systems that create ease, my Fractional COO service is your answer.