My passion is coaching female leaders to their next level

…and I’m also the go-to leadership coach for organizations wanting to create high-performing teams.


Kellye Franklin is the go-to Intuitive Leadership Coach for ambitious, non-executive female leaders seeking intentional career growth and the strategic partner for organizations ready to elevate their team’s performance.

The Coach
A dedicated guide for women ready to elevate their professional journey, Kellye seamlessly integrates intuitive insights with proven developmental frameworks. Her approach provides leaders with essential support to thrive in their current roles while preparing them for future growth.

The Leader
Renowned for her exceptional success, Kellye boasts an unparalleled portfolio. Having served various leadership roles for Fortune 50 companies for over two decades, she has consistently exceeded strategic objectives. Mastering the management of multi-billion-dollar operational budgets and program portfolios, Kellye stands out for her ability to deliver impactful results. Her experience supports organizations in creating high-performing teams that deliver their own impactful results.

The Advocate
Beyond her impressive professional achievements, Kellye takes pride in coaching numerous leaders, empowering them to advance their careers and achieve notable outcomes. She understands the importance of aligning life visions and personal growth with professional development, recognizing, and addressing the unique challenges women encounter in their pursuit of success. In fostering a safe space for clients to evolve both as leaders and individuals, Kellye proves to be the guiding force that every aspiring leader needs.

What sets Kellye apart is her commitment to unveiling the connection between personal fulfillment and professional success. Her results demonstrate that she is the brilliant mind to have behind any leader’s aspirations and organization’s goals.

For Kellye, the true joy in her work lies in helping evolving leaders design a career that aligns with their deepest life desires.

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