What are leaders saying about us?

You know it’s one thing to understand the importance of operations, strategies and systems. Effectively managing those systems, prioritizing projects and executing on ideas and concepts are totally different beasts, especially when it comes to technology.

There’s something beautiful about confidently handing off tasks to someone with the skills and knowledge to execute on my behalf while I focus on operating in my zone of genius.

I trusted you to deliver, and you did so in a timely manner. Working with you, freed up space in my mind to be more present with my clients, more present in my CEO role and created space on my calendar to be breathe with ease.

I’ve always envisioned a dream team for my business, not a one-woman operation. I believe in leveraging the strengths, gifts and talents of others. Working with you is evidence of me manifesting my dream team.

Kellye you are a joy to partner with. I look forward to creating more magic in business with you.

Here’s to an abundance of joy, peace and freedom in life and in business!

Melanie Foote-Davis, Harmony Coach and Soul Whisperer, The Soul Suite, LLC

Thank you again for everything. It is really exciting to think that I can really focus on marketing because I know the onboarding is automated is done and my clients have been taken care of. 😅

I’m STILL amazed at how you were like, “I just made a landing page because I didn’t like the one in Convertkit.” 😳

And you will always be “Kellye with the good questions” 🤩 It was SO helpful to be able to talk out my ideas and have you ask questions to get me to flesh them out more and thing further ahead.

I not only know EXACTLY what I will be doing for the next 8 months in my business, but I have the systems in place to support it.

God bless you! 🙏🏾

TaVona Denise, Intuitive Business Coach

I knew you were the missing piece to my puzzle. I am ready to go higher!!!

Otiti Uwagbai, Lifestyle Strategist & Author, Extreme Otiti

“Where would I do your testimonial cause I sho didn’t see that $700-1400 savings! Thank you!”

Precious Brown, Coach & CEO Success Partner

“Where do I start? There’s so much I can say about Kellye Franklin Consulting because she’s so business savvy and very knowledgeable about business. The most important lessons I’ve gotten from her are being strategic with goals and time management. These are two very important keys to a successful business. If you’re serious about getting started or getting refocused on your business, please check her out!”

Tawanda Schultz, Entrepreneur and Virtual Assistant

You know what, this has actually been very helpful. I knew that I know these things and done them before, but it’s different when it was like pulling it all together. And then it made me think outside of the box where something I thought was gonna be super simple…I hadn’t thought about like all the facets of it…So no, this has been super helpful.

Monaye Marcia, Certified Trauma Coach

Being in business can be hard and overwhelming without a Strategic Action plan…I learned this the hard way. Thank you Kellye Franklin Consulting for sharing knowledge and expertise with Uniquely Urs Hair Replacement & Salon services. Our vision is crystal clear now.

Melody Robinson, Owner, Uniquely Urs Hair Services