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Solutions to Scale Your Mid-Six-Figure Business
We empower women running mid-six-figure businesses to grow to their next level by implementing operations solutions that create capacity for the business and business owner.


As the CEO’s BFF, my aim is for you to realize the goals you have for your business and your life. My solutions help you scale your business without scaling your overwhelm. (I mean what else can you ask your BFF to do right?)


From Do-it-Yourself to “Girl Please Do it for Me” Services, I can work with you and your team to get your operations and systems implemented.
Below are the many ways I get you into...
Less Hustle ✦ More Ease ✦ Expanded Growth

It’s hard to change something when you don’t know what to change, or that you even need to make a change. After this in-depth operations analysis, you will have the information you need to move forward with creating operations that align to your next-level business goals.
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Get the membership that helps you prepare for the next level with streamlined operations and implemented business systems so you stop doing all the work and step into your CEO role. Also is a great for emerging operations leaders/COOs looking for guidance on implementing well-functioning, scalable operations.
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A one-day, intensive consulting experience for the CEO who needs a quick solution to an immediate challenge and also needs insight into where to focus their operational efforts as they expand beyond six figures.
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You need a strategic partner on your team to help you execute your strategy, optimize your operations, manage your workforce needs, AND keep everything running. Hiring a Fractional COO gives you experienced leadership at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time COO.
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