Keys to Scaling Your Business

I saw this quote while I was scrolling social media, “In order to scale in today’s world, businesses need to transform their operations internally to create remarkable experiences externally.” – Scott Brinker, VP, Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get bogged down focusing on the beautiful sites, perfect logos, and spending lots of time talking to potential clients, but to create the ideal experience for your clients (which leads to more sales), it is important to take a look at what’s happening in your business operations.

Things like…

  • Did you smoothly deliver what your clients expected?
  • Did your clients get the results in the expected timeline you promised?
  • Maybe you weren’t as responsive because your communication channels fell apart

When you have gaps and inconsistencies in the way you operate, you can’t depend on your system to repeatably deliver the best possible experience for your clients. Here are 3 things you can target to transform your operations to create great experiences for your clients and increase sales.

  1. Look at integrating your system so communication between your people, processes and tools happen fluidly and predictably. Nothing worse than the next action not happening for your client simply due to your people or tools not being notified.
  2. Continuously assess how your processes are performing so you know if there is a breakdown in delivering to your client. Two places to look are your key performance indicators and surveying your team for pain points.
  3. Hire for the most impactful gaps – the ones preventing you from getting the money. This could be an operations leader or virtual assistant, but it could also look like an implementation coordinator or project manager. Look at what’s right for your business needs right now.

What’s happening on the backend gets your clients results and makes the experience so incredibly amazing that they want to refer you and repurchase from you 🔑!