Hidden money we never get to see it – if we’re not intentional about it

Several weeks ago, I spoke to a group of business women on why business operations, strategic planning and standard operating procedures are critical to success as an entrepreneur. The reality is many of us skip the step of standing up our operations effectively because we think we’re not large enough or that it’s just a corporate thing.

💰You’re spending hours answering calls, sending emails and responding to inquiries

💰Spending time on lower priority tasks

💰Creating unnecessary products and services

💰Redirecting your attention when it doesn’t match your strategy

💰Missing steps in your process OR the process takes longer because of the distractions above

… and that costs you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours plus it doesn’t enable you for growth.

I call it the hidden money because we never get to see it – if we’re not intentional about it.

As I discuss in my free resource Revealing the Hidden Money in Your Business, focusing on a few key elements in your business operations like the ones below will strengthen your business productively and financially.

🛠 Create and stay aligned to your overall strategy to prevent wasted time and money spent on things that weren’t in the plan

🛠 Understand how you’re performing to your strategy based on your data so you can adjust quickly – again so you don’t lose time and money

🛠 You must design your entire operations system so work can flow efficiently throughout your business.