Creating Harmony Between Business and Personal Life

We’re approaching the holiday season which means for the small business owner, you will be a juggling holiday sales and holiday get togethers – along with strategizing for next year. As if you weren’t already juggling enough!

Creating harmony between our personal and business life is a constant battle. You’ll notice I don’t say ‘balance’. Balance implies things will be equal and let’s be real – At any given time, you’ll be dedicating your time more to one or the other. Usually, our business takes precedence because it pays the bills. Has that been your experience? Are you so caught up with running your business that your personal life is suffering?

To have peace of mind, it’s important to allow yourself time to do things other than work.

Look at some of the things that can happen if you lack harmony in your life:

  • Overwhelm. Allowing room for nothing but work increases your stress level. If every second of your day is spent meeting deadlines, running your business, and satisfying clients, you’ll likely feel on edge.
  • Lack of self-focus and -care. Not making room for you, can also lead to stress. Give time and attention to just being you or you’ll start resenting your business.
  • Failed relationships. If you fail to set aside time for family and friends, it’ll put strain on the relationships. It can be detrimental to your relationships, and your emotional well-being, when time isn’t allocated for social purposes.

You might already have all the time you need to have a harmonious life.

The key is to make the most of your time, get help, maximize your resources, and eliminate non-essential activities that don’t provide enjoyment.

Consider these 9 ideas for creating more harmony between your business and personal lives:

Make the most of your time by…

  • Time blocking your calendar. Create specific blocks of time for getting certain things done – then stick to it. Getting more done during normal business hours means you can avoid working late.
  • Setting a cut-off time for work. Let that time coincide with the end of your workday. Before you shut down, take 15 minutes to jot down actions you need to take care of the next day. This will help you avoid worrying about business during your personal time.
  • Making your home ‘to do’ list efficient. Are you spending your time wisely at home? Are you getting things done and spending time with your family? Try grouping chores like laundry and cleaning to get more done at one time.
  • Maximize your productivity. It’s about more than not wasting your time; it’s doing things intelligently. Is there a quicker way to accomplish your tasks each day? What could you be doing more efficiently?
  • Work from alternative location. Sometimes we need a change of pace to stimulate our productivity. Other times we just need to remove ourselves from distractions. From time to time ‘relocate’ yourself from your typical office environment. Coffee shops, parks, and office share spots work well.

Get some things off your plate by…

  • Delegating more at work. Some people can’t seem to trust others to do anything important but fully utilizing your team’s expertise and time can help you get more done. Get the help you need.
  • Turn over some things at home. Are you, your partner, and children all sharing the load at home? The sooner things get done, the sooner you can spend quality time together. Would it be possible to hire a housecleaning service or someone to mow the lawn?
  • Saying “no” more often. Chances are you have activities and obligations in your life that are actually optional. Some of them you don’t even enjoy. (Yeah, I said it!) If you don’t have to do it, consider not doing it. Learning to say “no” more often can keep these activities from infringing on your life.
  • Make the most of your time at home. Do things as a family. Go to the park. Take ride to the ice cream parlor. Play a game. You need less time together if you spend the time you have together wisely.

It can be challenging to manage both your personal and business life. While it’s not easy, you can do it.

Maximize your use of your resources. Eliminate unnecessary activities. Make a harmonious life a priority.