Work Smarter So You Can Play Hard – Now!

Go hard. Hustle harder. Grind while they rest. Work hard, Play later.

You’ve heard these before, right? That there is no payoff unless we hustle and grind 16+ hours a day. That we can’t reach the goals we desire unless we give up our entire social existence. That our calendar being full equals success.

Did your eyes roll as you read that last part? Or maybe you were shaking your head because it all sounded too familiar? I don’t know about you, but that is not what I want my business to create for my life.

We don’t need to work harder. We need to work SMARTER!
There’s no need to wait for tomorrow to play. We can play TODAY!

The phrase ‘work smarter’ is used a lot, but what does that look like?
What does it really mean for you as a business owner?
Working smarter isn’t difficult, but it does require a strategy and good planning.

You are already smart, that goes without saying. I mean you ARE an expert in your field. All you need to do now is use your powers for good so your business flourishes without you maxing out your calendar.

3 Ways to Operate in Your ‘Smarter’

Working on your highest priorities. Anything that does not feed your revenue generation should be considered a lower priority. Delegate these lower priorities or in some cases removed altogether. Things like making sales calls and getting new leads should be your highest focus. How do you get clear on your priorities? Refer to your strategic plan. Your priorities should align to your strategic objectives. (Haven’t done your strategic planning yet? Get a free walkthrough here)

Maximize your ‘working hours’. Ball out on your priorities for 5 hours a day during your optimal productivity time and watch how much more you get done! Of course, this requires practice to remain disciplined but here’s what that looks like: Schedule what you’ll get done in 25- or 50-minute chunks, rest in between but do not stop the work for that timeframe until the time is over (Yes, the Pomodoro Method!). You would be surprised at how much of our day is spent on distractions. Then we say we do not have enough time in our day. You do – You just must work smarter to use your time differently. Try it for just one day to see your amazing results.

Being strategic about hiring. If you are doing everything and performing every role in your business, you will never get time for yourself. Getting more off your plate so you spend less time ‘in the office’ means at some point you’ll need to increase your team. But do not start throwing positions up on the job boards just yet! Take some time to evaluate your needs so you can be intentional about your hires. Where do you need the most help? How much can you afford to pay versus what you’ll get in return? Do you want to directly hire (which may increase your paperwork) or contract the work out? What skills do they need and what will you have them work on? Hiring ‘willy nilly’ may cost you more time and money in the long run if you’re not thoughtful about the process.

Strategic planning helps you understand your most pressing company priorities, identifies your strengths and opportunities, and will even reveal where you need to bring in extra help to achieve your business objectives.

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